October Newsletter

13 Nov
October is almost over, the weather is turning autumnal with temperatures dropping and rain falling don’t be tempted to slack off on the exercise. Food offerings and temptations are usually more calorific as the dark nights draw in, the pies and mash out weigh the light pasta salads of summer. The puddings with custard and cream are creeping out to tempt us, as is the sofa and slippers.
It’s at times like this it is so easy for people to slip up on healthy living plans and promise to get back to the gym next week when its not raining or not so cold. Let me remind you how great you feel the minute you complete a workout, and how sluggish n fed up you feel when you over eat! Yes it’s cold but its not forever its literally a few minutes before you get to the gym and when you leave, or first few minutes of a a run.
I’ve been training for the half marathon which took place on Sunday 20th so believe me I understand how cold it is and how the dark dreary nights are far from motivating, but for me personally less of a motivator was the prospect of walking my half marathon! Which I’m pleased to say I didn’t. I completed it with two friends and as a team we have raised just under £800 for Acorns Childrens Hospice. The link is here and at the bottom should you wish to make a donation. www.virginmoneygiving.com/teammoose
Not all winter warming food is bad far from it, why not make yourself a soup packed full of seasonal vegetables with so many being at their best right now I’m sure there’s a soup for everyone! Here’s a few of this seasons vegetables;

Broccoli, butternut squash, celery, chicory, chillies, courgettes, fennel, garlic, horseradish, kale, leeks, marrow, parsnips, peppers, pumpkin, radishes, rocket, runner beans, shallots, swede, sweetcorn, turnip watercress and wild mushrooms.

Making a soup is a great preparation tool to ensure you don’t go out for lunch while at work to either get fast food with little nutritional value or be lured to the pub with over portioned plate full’s and pointless calorie laden alcoholic beverages.

I have been upto lots in my working life, having joined the team at New Hall Spa back in September. I look forward to teaching classes and helping members with programs and pt sessions at this great location. If you have never been and enjoy the luxury of spa treatments whilst in the surroundings of an exclusive members club feel then New Hall Spa is definitely worth a look. The team and members are all genuinely lovely people and have made me feel very welcome.

My personal training clients are all doing extremely well with a few new recruits two of which are brides to be, Smita and Elaine who are wanting to be body beautiful on their big day and if they continue with their great technique, enthusiasm and efforts they have shown so far this will be a simple and easy task. I’ve welcomed back some pre existing clients who are back on board with pt so a big ‘lovely to have you back’ at Shradha, Louise, Denise and Suzanne’.

Why do we sometimes get stitch is a question I get frequently asked. In scientific terms, a side stitch is referred to as “exercise-related transient abdominal pain” or “ETAP”. Side stitches are a sharp, often intense pain you feel below your rib cage when running or swimming. They are a spasm of the diaphragm, the dome-shaped muscle that separates your chest cavity from your abdominal cavity.


Scientists are unsure of the exact cause of stitches.  For some time, they were thought to be caused by a reduction in blood supply to the diaphragm, a large muscle involved in breathing.  It was suggested that during exercise, blood was shunted away from the diaphragm and redirected to exercising muscles.  This theory has now lost favour with scientists as both the diaphragm and the limb muscles need to work harder during exercise, so it is unlikely that an inadequate blood flow is directed to the diaphragm.  
Another theory is that stitch is caused by organs pulling on the ligaments that connect the gut to the diaphragm.  
Jolting during exercise may cause these organs to pull on the ligaments and create stress on the diaphragm, however this theory does not explain the occurrence of stitches in athletes involved in sports not involving a significant jolting action e.g. swimming 
A more recent idea is that stitch is caused by the two layers within the stomach one on inner edges of the stomach/abdominal cavity wall and one that covers the abdominal organs both are separated by a lubricating fluid which allows movement. It is thought stitch occurs when friction is caused between them, this can happen by having a full stomach or a reduction in the lubricating fluid.
So what can we do if we get it, stopping exercise usually always works. However if like me you are not too keen on stopping, then I find pushing down on the stitch for a few seconds whilst bending forward at the hips and slowly straightening back up helps. As does changing breathing patterns, breathing deeply from your stomach and not from the chest helps, to do this try pursing you lips as if blowing up a balloon or blowing out candles. 
How can we avoid it in the first place? Avoid eating to soon before exercise as  its digestion will interfere with your stomach thus resulting in cramps and stitches. Stick to familiar foods that are easily digested. If eating a full meal make it low fat and allow atleast 2-3hrs before exercising. A small snack about an hour before a workout or run is ok, but this snack should be comprised mostly of carbohydrate and fluid, not fat. Eg 1/2 deli sandwich and a sports drink, or a granola bar and a sports drink. If all else fails,try different sources of pre-workout foods (energy gels, sports drinks, bread, pasta, oatmeal, fruits) till you find something you can tolerate without getting a pain in the side.
Breathing can be the cause if too shallow this can happen easily if you begin to pick up your pace too soon into exercise or especially when it’s cold, try breathing through a running scarf or neck warmer as it will warm the air you take in and allow for deeper breathing. Whatever you do, drink plenty of fluids, non-carbonated ones are better, water or isotonic sports drinks are favoured to aid hydration whilst working out and avoid help to dehydration. Remember if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrating.
I’m not going to tell you how many weeks days or hours there are left until Christmas, as I’m guessing you know someone who is doing that already!! I will say if you have an outfit in mind for the Christmas shin-ding then there’s still time you make sure you look your best.
As always for further information on personal training sessions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
The link to donate to Acorns Childrens Hospice, great local charity doing great work for children and young people suffering with life limiting illnesses.
Yours for good health


9 Jul








July 2013 AF Newsletter

Well it was never my intention to take my monthly newsletter to a bi monthly then down to a ridiculously once every six months?! Where have I been, what have i been doing…well in short in January we decided to get married and we did on 10th March. So as you can imagine that took up alot of my time, with all the planning on a wedding crammed into ten weeks as with every bride and groom we wanted to look our best. I helped my husband to lose 25lbs in just under three months, he did so by sticking to a clean and nutritious diet plan and regular exercise, with periods of following a fat burning diet. A fat burning diet which should not be done as a long term diet but great when wanting to strip fat fast in a healthy fasting way.

Three days after my wedding I got the Mumps?!?!? How very 1980s of me! Luckily we hadn’t pre-booked a honeymoon as were planning on a last min thing, unluckily for both myself and my husband our honeymoon was spent at home with me really unwell in bed for 14days 😦 Having the mumps i’ve since learned, really does take its toll on the body, my immune system has been weakened and i haven’t been 100% since. I have been supplementing my diet and fingers crossed this week am beginning to feel like my old self again, after a few bouts of picking up other bugs since.

That all said i have continued (when possible) to train my clients, who i would personally like to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for being so understanding, caring and genuinely lovely people who i consider to all be great friends of mine. I feel very privileged to be able to do the job i do, and when my chips were down you all stuck by me and kept faith in your not so fit, fitness trainer!?

As a thank you and an incentive to others I have decided to slash my sessions prices for the rest of this month from the 8th July to the 31st all sessions will be just £25.Thats a saving of just under 40% of the normal session cost.Consider it a FLASH SALE, a flash sale that will enable you to flash more flesh over the hopefully sunny weeks we are yet to see. This is open to all clients, new, old and existing, you can bulk buy if you have pre paid we can work out how many sessions you will have during this time and give them as extra ones.

Back in April i added a client testimonial to my site from my client Eleri, who began training with myself last year at home with her sisters. They do just one session a week and Eleri is achieving great things, and is well on her way to completely shifting her post pregnancy weight. Speaking of my site, i noticed this morning i am on 1,999 hits, so if you haven’t already head over and help me get this over the 2k mark.

So as always if you have any questions do get in touch, or if you think this email may be of interest to someone you know feel free to forward it on. Look out for my next blog post when i’ll be discussing how everyone has gone Squat crazy and ‘Insane’ about High Intensity Training.

Yours for good health


Postnatal training testimonial

9 Apr

I started PT sessions with Angi in May 2012. It was six months after having my first baby and I still hadn’t lost any of the weight I had put on whilst I was pregnant. My ultimate goal was to lose this weight and some, as I was unhappy with my weight before I was pregnant.
I had always feared the idea of a personal trainer but having known Angi since working together in 2004, she convinced me it was not as scary as I thought it would be.
I now have one session a week with my sisters at home and have not looked back. I am really pleased with the results achieved so far having lost 20lb which is a drop of 4% body fat and a total of 14inches overall. I now weigh less than before I was pregnant but more importantly I feel more toned, my fitness has improved and I am eating healthier with some treats! I am not yet down to the weight that I would like to be at but with the continued support from Angi I am confident it will not be long and look forward to shopping for new clothes this summer.
The sessions are so enjoyable that even once I reach my target weight I will continue, to make sure I maintain and continue to tone.

February 2013

New year, New you…just got easier!

22 Jan

ac69282ad1c7b13a42e896f771c11574I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very healthy and happy 2013 albeit a slightly belated wish! It has been some time since i posted on here or sent a newsletter, so much has been going on i feel like i could sit here for hours updating you all.

Firstly i would like to wish congratulate client Tania on the birth of her son Harri back in October 2012. I am still yet to meet the lil man but look forward to doing so soon.

I completed the half marathon although slower than i wanted to as was advised not to run due to viral infection, i took it steady and literally listened to my body as i coughed my way around when tried to hike up my pace…all in all was an amazing experience and big thank you to all that sponsored me for such a worthy cause.

So the new year is well underway, how are you all doing with those new years resolutions, I have decided to have a new year sale. For the whole of January and February the cost of a personal training session will be reduced by  25%. Single session costs will drop from £40 down to £30 and any block bookings of 10 or more will be reduced even further down to £270 for 10 sessions, or £500 for 20 sessions. This offers will expire on February the 28th but any bought before then will be honoured for the duration of the booked sessions. So no more excuses personal training just got affordable, and you could see and most definitely feel the difference if you began training now, by the end of February. Easily half a stone could be lost, maybe more for some, bodyfat could be reduced muscle mass increased and with all of the above shapes will change and fitness shall definitely improve. Also remember you can partner up and share the session time and cost with a friend or relative, just bare in mind it will be more suitable if you both have similar goals and fitness levels.

I have a new client aiming to drop his bodyfat and increase his muscle mass, things are going great and is well on his way to achieving these goals. As always my existing clients continue to put in the effort and are therefore achieving great results. All of the sale prices mentioned above are for both new and existing clients, new clients can also take advantage of a free consultation session.

As always if you feel this newsletter would be of interest to someone please do forward it on. If you have any questions dont hesitate to get in touch.

Yours for good health


AF Newsletter September 2012

16 Sep

Septmeber is here, how on earth did that happen so fast?! Needless to say i have been very busy over the summer months, not only with new and exisisting clients but also with my family life whilst the chidren have been off school its a hectic time just keeping them entertained as im sure many of you will know. Our best purchase during the holiday for keeping the girls busy, was a kitten….hours of fun!

Towards the end of June I began training a new client Janet twice a week at her home, who i am very pleased to say is achieving great results and is now already on her second block of sessions. Janets bodyfat percentage has dropped, the lean body mass has increased and her shape has changed with a total of 5.25inches lost overall from various areas. So well done Janet!

July I had a message from an old client that I used to train last year but who then stopped again due to work commitments. I am however very pleased to welcome back Amy. On our first round of results in just 5wks Amy had lost 7lbs in scale weight, and a total of 6.6inches lost from various areas of her body. We are really starting to see a difference now with both the fitness levels and the shape change so again keep up the good work Amy, we are due the second round of results and tests this week and i look forward to the results.I train Amy three times a week both in her home, at the gym with also usually a session of walking and light jogging around the local reseviour this teamed with sensible eating is helping Amy work towards her weight loss goals.

Also during July my client Louise and her husband Nick became proud parents to Millie rose, so a huge congratulations again to them both. I look forward to meeting Millie very soon.

August was a hectic month as its seen the start of the real work at our home, with a total re-wire of the house and knocking down of another wall, ‘dustville’ is where I reside… but it shall all be worth it in the end is the mantra i keep repeating to myself as i wade through the thick dust that covers every inch of my home and its contents. We were however lucky enough to attend the table tennis during the Olympic games in London at the excel centre. It was such an amazing experience and filled me with immense pride just to be able to witness these dedicated people finally being able to compete for what has been many years of training and preparation. The way in which these games were organised was faultless and team GB did exceptionally well and there is no doubt in my mind that they have indeed inspired a generation. I enjoyed every minute both whilst in London and watching on the tv, we didn’t watch anything else. The Para Olympics then went on to continue with the success for team GB, and had their best ever games. I think it has educated and opened people’s eyes and minds with regards to disabled people in a very positive way. I just wish that such sporting events could continue for us all to watch and enjoy, four years seems such a long time to have to wait.

My half marathon training is going well and with less than 40 days to go it needs to be! I shall be conducting my ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions betweenthe 20th september til the 20th of October for those of my my clients wishing to reverse the role and dish out the exercises in return for a donation for the event. More information on this and how to be one of the first to donate can be found of my page at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/AngelaHopton

Finally I dont wish to be like one of those annoying supermarket chains that have their christmas cards out already and easter cards out by January the 1st but its near enough only 100 days til christmas?! So if you have fitness goals or a desired size/shape you wish to return to, now is the time to make it happen to ensure you look and feel fab for santa season!

Please do get in touch to arrange a free consultation or pass on this email to anyone you think it maybe of interest to.

Yours for Good Health



24 Jun
May has flown by we finally moved into our house and are settling in nicely. I have been very busy and have began training five new clients since my last post, with another two beginning in two weeks time….so not only have I been busy in my personal life packing and unpacking, knocking down walls and pulling down wallpaper, but I have been non-stop meeting new clients, writing new programs, setting up nutritional plans and every month I shall be conducting the bleep test for the two newest clients…so if any of you out there fancy re-living those school p.e days and seeing how you measure up, by all means get in touch!
It was the Great Midlands Fun Run on the 9th, I was too late with my entry this year as it sold out extremely fast with 7000 runners taking part this year, but one of my clients Shradha took part and got a very decent time of 1hr 13mins for 8.5miles. Not only did Shradha get such a great time but she came 876th and was the 96th female to cross the finish line!!!! I am so proud of you, well done Shradha Williams. Shradha chose to support the St Giles Hospice in Walsall if you should wish to give a donation the details as as follows http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Shradha
I cant believe June is here already, we are halfway through 2012 already. How many of you have stuck to those goals we outlined back in January? Well if not we still have another six months to get back on track and make this the best year ever-why not…what’s stopping you?
Two of my clients are expecting children, for Louise it will be her first child who will be joining the world next month and for Tania its child number two and due in October. My congratulations to them both and I commend them for both sticking with the training sessions, yes we made alterations to their workouts and yes its harder when pregnant due to tiredness and sickness but they have both stuck at it. Pregnancy is definitely not the time to take up a strenuous sport or exercise regime especially if you weren’t doing so before becoming pregnant, however you should try to exercise for at least 20-30mins a day at a comfortable pace, being able to hold a conversation whilst exercising is a great pace indicator, try to include lots of stretching and deep breathing exercises and drink plenty of fluids. There are of course certain exercises to avoid, so it is important to seek medical or professional advice before embarking on any exercise regime this is applicable to anyone, but obviously whilst pregnant there is not just you to consider.
It has many benefits to continue to exercise while pregnant, it helps with posture, self-esteem, its boosts energy during the day and can help you sleep better during the night, it helps with bloating and cramps and it cant guarantee a easier birth but keeping fit and staying physically strong will help you get through any difficulties or longer labours, and obviously it can help to control weight gain. While weight gain should not be a worry during this time as it is inevitable and important, continuing to exercise will ensure that the weight gained isn’t excessive and will therefore be easier to lose following the birth of the baby. Eating for two is a myth and you only need an extra 300 calories whilst pregnant. As with the exercise don’t go crazy and try to do too much, be sensible listen to your body and provide your unborn child with the best possible nutrients obtained from varied and healthy food choices.
Finally as my May offer was so well received I have decided to continue it through til the end of July, just help ensure Beach Body Beautiful is yours for the taking during the holiday season. Get in touch soon though as my diary sure is filling up. I’m offering 14 sessions for the price of 10 for new clients.
Should you be an existing client as always if you recommend someone to me, after their 5th session you will receive a complimentary session. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have, or to book a free consultation and session. If you feel this maybe of interest to someone, please do forward it on.
Yours for good health


2 May
AF NEWSLETTER                                                                      March – April 2012
So March has marched on and has been and gone without a word from me to you, unbelievably April is almost over too!!

Reasons being its been a little hectic to say the least, towards the end of February I moved from Osmosis health studio onto pastures new ( well in fact, old). I now train my gym based clients at Quality Living which is the leisure centre for the Quality hotel on the Hagley road. 

Which is the very place I had one of my first gym jobs, back in my early years at just 16yrs old I helped out on reception following my work experience placement at Curves and co. So although it’s my new work home it’s also familiar too, which is nice. As are the team there who have all made myself and my clients feel really welcome. It has great facilities and extremely competitive membership packages. It has a great gym, clean and spacious changing rooms, sauna and steam rooms a swimming pool and jacuzzi. More recently it has opened its second room within the hotel grounds which consists of free weights, cable cross over machine, benches and bags a great addition to the already great facilities at this venue.

If that wasn’t enough I am also right in the middle of moving house with my family, however as the story so often goes this is taking a lot longer than anticipated and expected so currently we are living out of boxes. Not much fun!

As always my clients are not failing to impress me with their efforts, Graham having lost 1.5inches from his waist having on average just 3 gym sessions per month with myself for 3months. A client who wishes to remain annonymous, as they are fairly well known. Has lost a very very impressive 27lbs, that’s 1lb off their target weight loss of 2 stone and a month earlier than expected, their goal was to have lost 1.5-2 stone by the end of May. This has been achieved with good nutrition and 6months of home based training with myself, I am very proud of this client. So to them & all of my clients old and new thank you all for the constant effort and enthusiasm.

However it is not all great news I bring regarding my clients, regrettably I have sad news to share with you. My client Colin who was fighting the battle with Cancer of the esophagus, sadly passed away  on Thursday the 22nd of March. It was unrelated to the cancer and was quite a shock for  not only his family and friends but also the medical staff who were expecting him back on the ward following a simple medical procedure and had long term care plans in place. 
Colin had become a friend and I was deeply saddened by this news. I visited Colin just a few wks ago he seemed really positive and chipper and wanting to arrange personal training sessions. Even though I only knew Colin for just under 12 months, I feel privileged that I was able to have spent time with him. He was a inspiration, a man of his age with terminal cancer he didnt just want to give in, he wanted to try his best to improve his fitness and strength. I’m sure those of you that have shared conversations with myself regarding Colin will join me in sending my love and thoughts to his family and friends at this sad time. May Colin now rest in peace. 

I have decided to take part in another event this year (as well as the half marathon) in Colins memory and the money I raise shall be donated to Cancer research. I shall include details of this event along with my sponsor page in my next newsletter. 

Lastly to help shed those extra Easter lbs I’m offering 14 sessions for the price of 10 til the end of May for new clients. 
Should you be an existing client as always if you recommend someone to me, after their 5th session you will receive a complimentary session. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have, or to book a free consultation and session. If you feel this maybe of interest to someone, please do forward it on.
Yours for good health


2 May
AF NEWSLETTER                                                                      February 2012
So fear not folks January is over, we have all survived the endless stream of unexpected bills that that month seems to deliver. Perhaps you endulged in something else, possibly in well known and well loved, thee big January sale. Whatever the first month of 2012 meant for you I do hope it was a good thing, and if you outlined some goals I do hope you are on track with them.

With goals and sales still in mind, I have left it til now to announce my
Fantastic February Fitness sale.

From now til the end of February I am offering fitness for less, the more you book the more you save.
  • 10 sessions would normally cost £400, now only £340.
  • 15 sessions should cost £600 will now cost just £495.
  • 20 sessions is normally £800 til the end of February you will pay only £640.
With Valentines day just around the corner, why not treat someone with a healthier option than chocolates! For more information about my experiencehttps://angelasfitness.wordpress.com/about/

So there you have it, put it off no longer get a new you and improved for 2012. Invest in yourself and the rest shall follow. Let’s get you looking and feeling great, and remember all my clients have the benefit of being able to access thee best Nutrition and meal planning site within the fitness industry.Nutrition Complete. For more information https://angelasfitness.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/nutrition-complete/

All my new clients get a free unconditional one month trial of this online program, it wipes the floor with any other meal planning, point counting, watching of weight or a world that is slim type of program that some of you may have tried in the past. It’s real food that all the family can enjoy, and it’s personal to anyone’s taste. It can be used to lose weight, maintain weight, increase muscle or just as a really useful tool for good tasting nutritious meal and recipe ideas.

So what are you waiting for, make February the month you take real action, the month you get a new you and improved! To see what some of my clients have to say about myself and the training sessions https://angelasfitness.wordpress.com/category/testimonials/

Yours for good health


Happy New Year….make sure of it!

10 Jan

Well its ten days into the new year and I’m pleased to say that so far the majority of my clients have got off to a great start, right back into training and with either little or no weight gain. Yes everyones first session back has been tough but once its done and they’ve moaned at me just a little they are all more positive than ever to smash new health and fitness goals.

If you haven’t already set yourself some goals for the new year, not just in your head or in a conversation with a colleague, friend or family member you should write them down and put them where they can be seen. This way they shall work as positive reinforcements to keep you focused and motivated. The power of the mind is a fantastic thing, and those of you that know me personally, will know what a big believer in positive thinking I am. I’d suggest to anyone that is interested to perhaps read up on this subject or subscribe to feeds that provide you with positive thoughts or ways of managing life and things in general in a positive way….i did just that again recently i’ll add a link at the bottom of this page.

Make goals this year not conversational ‘resolutions’ that are forgotten as quickly as we put away our festive decorations. Goals are best achieved, by being set to be met within a realistic time frame. When writing up your list of goals keep this in mind, so let one thing lead onto the other, if you want to lose 30lbs don’t give yourself until the end of January to do this. If you want to have a successful business and go on a once in a lifetime holiday, the business needs time to succeed before the holiday can be paid for. When making these goals by linking them together with mini goals, will only make the large ultimate goal more achievable and in turn give a path to follow to ensure this goal is met.

It is not enough to say you want to get a bit fitter, how will you plan to do this, how will you in turn measure if you have indeed got fitter and do you actually know how fit or unfit you are currently. In this instance id suggest putting a plan together with a goal to perhaps take part in a fun run in a few months time, or maybe you know you want to be able to run for a bus when needed to to and currently you cant….I’d suggest starting to increase the general activity you do by walking more socially, maybe ask a friend/relative if they to want to join you, perhaps you can then begin to pick up the pace for short intervals at a time during your walks, soon enough you the intervals of jogging shall become longer than the walks and you’ll be catching the bus up in no time!! The most important things about the goals is that you personally set them and do your upmost to stick to them………why not try to write your list of goals right now?

Excellent food for thought that was bought to me by Marc and Angel just after the Festive season…..”when all is said and done, will you have said more than you have done?” wwww.marcandangel.com

Muscle Vs Fat

23 Oct

Contrary to popular belief muscle does not weigh more than fat, no two things of the same weight, can then be different in weight. 1lb is 1lb the old joke of what weighs more 1lb of feathers or 1lb of bricks should jog a few peoples memories. However 1lb of bricks would take up a lot less room than 1lb of feathers wouldnt it.
The truth is muscle is smoother and firmer, more dense than fat. Therefore takes up less space and appears smaller. Fat is bulky and uneven and take up more room. So the correct term to explain this would be muscle is heavier by volume than fat.
Two people can weigh the same but if the bodyfat percentage differs so will their appearance. This is why knowing the bodyfat percentage is so important and the scale weight alone is so misleading.