Exciting News…

28 Jul

Right its been slightly longer than id like, but for me the children’s six week holidays began last Thursday and i’ve been lost in ‘Momland’ ever since!! So I’m just grabbing a spare five minutes before today’s activities commence with my children, to let you know of some exciting news. I have teamed up with a company called Nutrition Complete, to offer an extra amazing service to my clients, its taken the fitness industry by storm over in Australia and is set to do the same over here in the UK. It wipes the floor with anything even remotely similar we have here. Can you imagine being able to monitor your exact calories and nutrient intake on not just a daily basis but right down to any recipe you use. Via my website you will be able to log in and check/track your daily and weekly calorie intake, be given exact meal plans and recipes all nutritionally balanced and devised by qualified dieticians especially for the fitness industry. Its not a gimick company trying to get you to buy their food products, its just based on good quality food and recipes. Therefore it can/should be used by anyone who cares about what they eat, it can be used to lose weight, gain weight and maintain weight.This is a program like no other and to say I’m a little excited by this is an understatement! I shall be announcing the launch of this product via Angelasfitness very soon so do keep a look out, you will not want to miss this! Enjoy the sunshine šŸ™‚

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