How are you doing?

5 Sep

Wow so the summer holidays are over and to be honest they went by fairly quickly! As you have probably noticed I’ve not been here much, and even though my clients continued to train with me, like so many other parents at home with children i felt guilty and didn’t have as many workouts myself. We do this to ourselves all the time (i think probably more so as women than men, but not in all cases). In general as a human race we put ourselves under pressure whether it be work related, family commitments or time out for ourselves the first two always seem to win the battle over the last one. Although I’m the first to agree that we should all make time for ourselves and in turn the other things will prosper, i know for a fact if i don’t workout i get grumpy with the children feel less motivated about work etc etc. Over the past six week holidays i have learnt to see things for what they are and be realistic ok so i haven’t had the 3+ workouts a week that I’m used to and for work i have just done the bare necessities but what i did do was ensure my children had a great summer break. We didn’t go abroad, we made the best of what we could, simple things like feeding the ducks, picnics in the park, cinema trips, visiting family/friends, cake baking, painting, dressing up we’ve done it all and the holidays have flown by, i even tried to sneak in a few ‘funny walks’ aka lunges whilst out walking with my children but was rumbled straight away “Mommy this is what you do when you go personal training” :).
My oldest daughter started her first day in year two this morning, my youngest is still yet to begin at the school nursery in a few weeks time so I’m still juggling, typing this with breaks to find upsy daisy’s missing shoe and peppa pigs boat…but I’m enjoying the juggling as i know its not going to be forever and in the mean time i can at least plan my next step career-wise and schedule my future workouts with a little less guilt knowing that i did a great job all summer just being me with a little more emphasis on being mom! So rid yourself of the guilt as I’m sure if you are honest and be realistic you are doing just fine!

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