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2 May
AF NEWSLETTER                                                                      March РApril 2012
So March has marched on and has been and gone without a word from me to you, unbelievably April is almost over too!!

Reasons being its been a little hectic to say the least, towards the end of February I moved from Osmosis health studio onto pastures new ( well in fact, old). I now train my gym based clients at Quality Living which is the leisure centre for the Quality hotel on the Hagley road. 

Which is the very place I had one of my first gym jobs, back in my early years at just 16yrs old I helped out on reception following my work experience placement at Curves and co. So although it’s my new work home it’s also familiar too, which is nice. As are the team there who have all made myself and my clients feel really welcome. It has great facilities and extremely competitive membership packages. It has a great gym, clean and spacious changing rooms, sauna and steam rooms a swimming pool and jacuzzi. More recently it has opened its second room within the hotel grounds which consists of free weights, cable cross over machine, benches and bags a great addition to the already great facilities at this venue.

If that wasn’t enough I am also right in the middle of moving house with my family, however as the story so often goes this is taking a lot longer than anticipated and expected so currently we are living out of boxes. Not much fun!

As always my clients are not failing to impress me with their efforts, Graham having lost 1.5inches from his waist having on average just 3 gym sessions per month with myself for 3months. A client who wishes to remain annonymous, as they are fairly well known. Has lost a very very impressive 27lbs, that’s 1lb off their target weight loss of 2 stone and a month earlier than expected, their goal was to have lost 1.5-2 stone by the end of May. This has been achieved with good nutrition and 6months of home based training with myself, I am very proud of this client. So to them & all of my clients old and new thank you all for the constant effort and enthusiasm.

However it is not all great news I bring regarding my clients, regrettably I have sad news to share with you. My client Colin who was fighting the battle with Cancer of the esophagus, sadly passed away  on Thursday the 22nd of March. It was unrelated to the cancer and was quite a shock for  not only his family and friends but also the medical staff who were expecting him back on the ward following a simple medical procedure and had long term care plans in place. 
Colin had become a friend and I was deeply saddened by this news. I visited Colin just a few wks ago he seemed really positive and chipper and wanting to arrange personal training sessions. Even though I only knew Colin for just under 12 months, I feel privileged that I was able to have spent time with him. He was a inspiration, a man of his age with terminal cancer he didnt just want to give in, he wanted to try his best to improve his fitness and strength. I’m sure those of you that have shared conversations with myself regarding Colin will join me in sending my love and thoughts to his family and friends at this sad time. May Colin now rest in peace.¬†

I have decided to take part in another event this year (as well as the half marathon) in Colins memory and the money I raise shall be donated to Cancer research. I shall include details of this event along with my sponsor page in my next newsletter. 

Lastly to help shed those extra Easter lbs I’m offering 14 sessions for the price of 10 til the end of May for new clients.¬†
Should you be an existing client as always if you recommend someone to me, after their 5th session you will receive a complimentary session. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have, or to book a free consultation and session. If you feel this maybe of interest to someone, please do forward it on.
Yours for good health


2 May
AF NEWSLETTER                                                                      February 2012
So fear not folks January is over, we have all survived the endless stream of unexpected bills that that month seems to deliver. Perhaps you endulged in something else, possibly in well known and well loved, thee big January sale. Whatever the first month of 2012 meant for you I do hope it was a good thing, and if you outlined some goals I do hope you are on track with them.

With goals and sales still in mind, I have left it til now to announce my
Fantastic February Fitness sale.

From now til the end of February I am offering fitness for less, the more you book the more you save.
  • 10 sessions would normally cost ¬£400, now only ¬£340.
  • 15 sessions should cost ¬£600 will now cost just ¬£495.
  • 20 sessions is normally ¬£800 til the end of February you will pay only ¬£640.
With Valentines day just around the corner, why not treat someone with a healthier option than chocolates! For more information about my experience

So there you have it, put it off no longer get a new you and improved for 2012. Invest in yourself and the rest shall follow. Let’s get you looking and feeling great, and remember all my clients have the benefit of being able to access thee best Nutrition and meal planning site within the fitness industry.Nutrition Complete. For more information¬†

All my new clients get a free unconditional one month trial of this online program, it wipes the floor with any other meal planning, point counting, watching of weight or a world that is slim type of program that some of you may have tried in the past. It’s real food that all the family can enjoy, and it’s personal to anyone’s taste. It can be used to lose weight, maintain weight, increase muscle or just as a really useful tool for good tasting nutritious meal and recipe ideas.

So what are you waiting for, make February the month you take real action, the month you get a new you and improved! To see what some of my clients have to say about myself and the training sessions

Yours for good health