2 May

AF NEWSLETTER                                                                      February 2012
So fear not folks January is over, we have all survived the endless stream of unexpected bills that that month seems to deliver. Perhaps you endulged in something else, possibly in well known and well loved, thee big January sale. Whatever the first month of 2012 meant for you I do hope it was a good thing, and if you outlined some goals I do hope you are on track with them.

With goals and sales still in mind, I have left it til now to announce my
Fantastic February Fitness sale.

From now til the end of February I am offering fitness for less, the more you book the more you save.
  • 10 sessions would normally cost £400, now only £340.
  • 15 sessions should cost £600 will now cost just £495.
  • 20 sessions is normally £800 til the end of February you will pay only £640.
With Valentines day just around the corner, why not treat someone with a healthier option than chocolates! For more information about my experience

So there you have it, put it off no longer get a new you and improved for 2012. Invest in yourself and the rest shall follow. Let’s get you looking and feeling great, and remember all my clients have the benefit of being able to access thee best Nutrition and meal planning site within the fitness industry.Nutrition Complete. For more information

All my new clients get a free unconditional one month trial of this online program, it wipes the floor with any other meal planning, point counting, watching of weight or a world that is slim type of program that some of you may have tried in the past. It’s real food that all the family can enjoy, and it’s personal to anyone’s taste. It can be used to lose weight, maintain weight, increase muscle or just as a really useful tool for good tasting nutritious meal and recipe ideas.

So what are you waiting for, make February the month you take real action, the month you get a new you and improved! To see what some of my clients have to say about myself and the training sessions

Yours for good health


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