24 Jun

May has flown by we finally moved into our house and are settling in nicely. I have been very busy and have began training five new clients since my last post, with another two beginning in two weeks time….so not only have I been busy in my personal life packing and unpacking, knocking down walls and pulling down wallpaper, but I have been non-stop meeting new clients, writing new programs, setting up nutritional plans and every month I shall be conducting the bleep test for the two newest clients…so if any of you out there fancy re-living those school p.e days and seeing how you measure up, by all means get in touch!
It was the Great Midlands Fun Run on the 9th, I was too late with my entry this year as it sold out extremely fast with 7000 runners taking part this year, but one of my clients Shradha took part and got a very decent time of 1hr 13mins for 8.5miles. Not only did Shradha get such a great time but she came 876th and was the 96th female to cross the finish line!!!! I am so proud of you, well done Shradha Williams. Shradha chose to support the St Giles Hospice in Walsall if you should wish to give a donation the details as as follows
I cant believe June is here already, we are halfway through 2012 already. How many of you have stuck to those goals we outlined back in January? Well if not we still have another six months to get back on track and make this the best year ever-why not…what’s stopping you?
Two of my clients are expecting children, for Louise it will be her first child who will be joining the world next month and for Tania its child number two and due in October. My congratulations to them both and I commend them for both sticking with the training sessions, yes we made alterations to their workouts and yes its harder when pregnant due to tiredness and sickness but they have both stuck at it. Pregnancy is definitely not the time to take up a strenuous sport or exercise regime especially if you weren’t doing so before becoming pregnant, however you should try to exercise for at least 20-30mins a day at a comfortable pace, being able to hold a conversation whilst exercising is a great pace indicator, try to include lots of stretching and deep breathing exercises and drink plenty of fluids. There are of course certain exercises to avoid, so it is important to seek medical or professional advice before embarking on any exercise regime this is applicable to anyone, but obviously whilst pregnant there is not just you to consider.
It has many benefits to continue to exercise while pregnant, it helps with posture, self-esteem, its boosts energy during the day and can help you sleep better during the night, it helps with bloating and cramps and it cant guarantee a easier birth but keeping fit and staying physically strong will help you get through any difficulties or longer labours, and obviously it can help to control weight gain. While weight gain should not be a worry during this time as it is inevitable and important, continuing to exercise will ensure that the weight gained isn’t excessive and will therefore be easier to lose following the birth of the baby. Eating for two is a myth and you only need an extra 300 calories whilst pregnant. As with the exercise don’t go crazy and try to do too much, be sensible listen to your body and provide your unborn child with the best possible nutrients obtained from varied and healthy food choices.
Finally as my May offer was so well received I have decided to continue it through til the end of July, just help ensure Beach Body Beautiful is yours for the taking during the holiday season. Get in touch soon though as my diary sure is filling up. I’m offering 14 sessions for the price of 10 for new clients.
Should you be an existing client as always if you recommend someone to me, after their 5th session you will receive a complimentary session. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have, or to book a free consultation and session. If you feel this maybe of interest to someone, please do forward it on.
Yours for good health

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