Postnatal training testimonial

9 Apr

I started PT sessions with Angi in May 2012. It was six months after having my first baby and I still hadn’t lost any of the weight I had put on whilst I was pregnant. My ultimate goal was to lose this weight and some, as I was unhappy with my weight before I was pregnant.
I had always feared the idea of a personal trainer but having known Angi since working together in 2004, she convinced me it was not as scary as I thought it would be.
I now have one session a week with my sisters at home and have not looked back. I am really pleased with the results achieved so far having lost 20lb which is a drop of 4% body fat and a total of 14inches overall. I now weigh less than before I was pregnant but more importantly I feel more toned, my fitness has improved and I am eating healthier with some treats! I am not yet down to the weight that I would like to be at but with the continued support from Angi I am confident it will not be long and look forward to shopping for new clothes this summer.
The sessions are so enjoyable that even once I reach my target weight I will continue, to make sure I maintain and continue to tone.

February 2013

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