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July 2013 AF Newsletter

Well it was never my intention to take my monthly newsletter to a bi monthly then down to a ridiculously once every six months?! Where have I been, what have i been doing…well in short in January we decided to get married and we did on 10th March. So as you can imagine that took up alot of my time, with all the planning on a wedding crammed into ten weeks as with every bride and groom we wanted to look our best. I helped my husband to lose 25lbs in just under three months, he did so by sticking to a clean and nutritious diet plan and regular exercise, with periods of following a fat burning diet. A fat burning diet which should not be done as a long term diet but great when wanting to strip fat fast in a healthy fasting way.

Three days after my wedding I got the Mumps?!?!? How very 1980s of me! Luckily we hadn’t pre-booked a honeymoon as were planning on a last min thing, unluckily for both myself and my husband our honeymoon was spent at home with me really unwell in bed for 14days 😦 Having the mumps i’ve since learned, really does take its toll on the body, my immune system has been weakened and i haven’t been 100% since. I have been supplementing my diet and fingers crossed this week am beginning to feel like my old self again, after a few bouts of picking up other bugs since.

That all said i have continued (when possible) to train my clients, who i would personally like to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for being so understanding, caring and genuinely lovely people who i consider to all be great friends of mine. I feel very privileged to be able to do the job i do, and when my chips were down you all stuck by me and kept faith in your not so fit, fitness trainer!?

As a thank you and an incentive to others I have decided to slash my sessions prices for the rest of this month from the 8th July to the 31st all sessions will be just £25.Thats a saving of just under 40% of the normal session cost.Consider it a FLASH SALE, a flash sale that will enable you to flash more flesh over the hopefully sunny weeks we are yet to see. This is open to all clients, new, old and existing, you can bulk buy if you have pre paid we can work out how many sessions you will have during this time and give them as extra ones.

Back in April i added a client testimonial to my site from my client Eleri, who began training with myself last year at home with her sisters. They do just one session a week and Eleri is achieving great things, and is well on her way to completely shifting her post pregnancy weight. Speaking of my site, i noticed this morning i am on 1,999 hits, so if you haven’t already head over and help me get this over the 2k mark.

So as always if you have any questions do get in touch, or if you think this email may be of interest to someone you know feel free to forward it on. Look out for my next blog post when i’ll be discussing how everyone has gone Squat crazy and ‘Insane’ about High Intensity Training.

Yours for good health


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