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Welcome to Angela’s Fitness thanks for stopping by!

As this is my first blog i thought it would be rude not to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my background. From a young age i have had a keen interest in fitness, from the age of fourteen i have practised the martial art of Chinese kickboxing. Although i didn’t train to compete, i did throughly enjoy the grueling training sessions it involved; semi/full contact sparring, knife defense and knife attack, and of course learning new techniques to pass each grading, to which i obtained 8th grade purple belt. I continued with this sport until i became pregnant with my first child, five years ago. Since then I just practice the techniques as part of my own exercise regime along with bringing certain elements into my clients training sessions.

I have worked within the fitness industry since 2001 at gyms in and around the city of Birmingham West Midlands, first as a gym instructor writing program cards and teaching aerobic classes. As the years went by i built on my qualifications, i gained experience and knowledge, i passed courses to enable me to teach a variety of classes; circuit training, spinning, step-aerobics, Swiss ball training and aqua aerobics. Whilst pregnant with my first child in 2004-2005 I did the Advanced Personal Trainer Award Level 3 with the YMCAfit, since then i have worked for myself as a personal trainer.I continue to study and read alot to ensure i stay up to date with the latest training techniques and trends within the health and fitness industry. Later on this year i hope to complete a few more additional courses to broaden my knowledge further in specialist fields to ensure maximum benefits for both myself and my clients.

I visit my clients in their homes and also have clients that I train at Quality Leisure Club on the Hagley Road, Birmingham. You can also find me at New Hall Spa and Leisure club where I work and personal train members of the gym there. I soon hope to be teaching various classes at New Hall too. Taking all my experience and knowledge into consideration I am able to deliver varied and effective programs tailored to my clients individual needs. I offer excellent competitive rates feel free to contact me on info@angelasfitness.co.uk if you would like more information.

Feel free to comment or drop me a hello below, and look out for my next update.

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