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4 May

Breakfast, one meal that is so important yet one meal that so many people skip for one reason or another the most popular reasons being ” i don’t have time” or ” i just cant stomach anything so early”.
So why is it so important, well think about it like this if you go to sleep for 8hrs you probably last ate something 1-2hrs prior to that. By the time you wake up its been 9-10hrs since you last gave your body any fuel, so its important to re-fuel in order to your body to function. However some people wont eat until ‘lunch time’ so add another 4-5 hrs depending on the time you begin your day and eventually decide to eat something, this is no joke 14+hrs since you last ate something definitely puts your body in a catabolic state (muscle wasting) and will have definitely triggered the starvation mode and slowed down the metabolism, so even if you don’t go out and eat complete rubbish the body will be craving rubbish making it more likely that instead of eating healthily you will reach for more sugary snack type foods throughout your day and by the time ‘dinner time’ arrives you will almost definitely over eat and consume way too many calories within that one meal. Your body will do its job and supply cells with the required nutrients and energy as it does each time you eat, it will then store excess energy as glycogen within the muscles and liver but it can only hold so much and the rest shall be stored as body fat.
So if you are wondering why you aren’t losing the weight you want to lose or why you aren’t as lean as you’d like to be then next time you wake up BREAK the FAST!!! I guarantee you will not only have more energy and concentration, eat sensibly with good nutritionally balanced meals with healthy snacks (instead of naff ones that have no use in your body other than adding fat and rotting your teeth), and you may also start to notice that because you aren’t so super duper hungry the portions you eat during the evening meal are smaller, thus resulting in weight-loss!! Add some exercise and really accelerate those results. Breakfast should be healthy nutritious as should all the fuel aka food you provide you body with to ensure optimal health.