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Nutrition Complete

10 Aug

Right guys its here and ready to roll. I am proud to offer expert nutritional advice and full meal planning tailored to your individual needs/requirements. This has taken over the Australian fitness industry  and is set to do the same for the UK. Very few trainers and fitness establishments are able to offer you this yet here in the UK, hence why i am so excited by this program. Please do check out the video below and if you like what you see get in touch, i am happy to offer the first ten people a free 2wk trial of this service…so hesitate no longer, get rid of ridiculous diets and point counting regimes, get great nutritionally balanced meal recipes for anytime of the day and any dietary requirement. This program is unique as you are, it can also track your calories, nutrient intake fats,carbs, proteins etc and give you the chance to have full control over your daily, weekly and monthly activity versus calorie intake.

This really is like nothing else you have seen on the market yet, and with a free two week trial via Angelas fitness why not see for yourself. Get in touch,

get you and improved
Click To Watch Nutrition Complete Video.

Client Bodyfat Monitoring over 12wks

19 Jul


So as promised one of my clients has agreed to letting me publish the chart with his results. He is 33yrs of age, the first bodyfat percentage measurement came in at 29.28 putting him in the ‘over-fat’ category. His diet wasn’t the best and like most he felt this was down to time restraints of his working life. The job he has means food more often than not is consumed for convenience with little consideration of its nutritional content or benefit. I assisted my client to make better food choices and most importantly ensured he began to eat breakfast something he didn’t do prior to training with myself. We also agreed that the fizzy drinks, sugary snacks and take away type foods had to stop. He agreed to prepare his lunch in advance and also take healthy snacks out to work with him on a daily basis. I explained the concept and benefit of eating smaller portions more frequently. With all this in place we agreed on an exercise regime, we ran together once a week, he did one-two runs on his own and resistance workouts at home. I tested his bodyfat percentage every seventh day at the same time of day and we recorded these results. This enables us both to see that what we are doing is working and for him not to be disheartened by the scale weight as this doesn’t give a true representation. You can see for yourselves, for example look at week 3 after dropping so much in week 2 my client felt disheartened to see that according to the scales alone he had indeed gone back up in weight however because with the information gathered i am then able to see exactly whether the weight is “fat weight” or ‘muscle’ (LBM= lean body mass). After closer inspection we were able to see the increase was in fact was LBM. This not only pleased my client but spurred him on to continue with the agreed program we had set, at the end of the 12wks his total weight loss was a fantastic 12.8lbs, not only that he managed to drop a hell of a lot of ‘fat weight’ and keep his LBM relatively the same. This is no mean feat, this was achieved by sensible food choices, good food little and often, combined with the right amount of exercise of the right kind. Monitoring the body is an excellent way of ensuring what you are trying to achieve is on track.

Low calorie dieting is a quick fix and not good for the body, the reason people think they are getting quick results, is because according to the scale weight they have lost pounds…yes pounds of LBM -essentially water. A good amount of weight to be losing is 1-2lbs per week of fat weight, anymore than this and its highly likely that you are losing LBM.

For more information on any of the above feel free to drop me an email, I’d be more than happy to go into more detail on any of the topics I’ve touched upon. Hopefully after seeing these results it can help you realise that it is possible to get the body you want, its there where it always has been and with focus and support it can be achieved.

My client still wants to improve on his stats he is pleased with where he has got to, but wants to get just a little bit further, and now he knows for sure he can!

‘Get by with a little help from your friends’

5 Jul

So July is upon us, summer is apparently here (when it feels like it?!) how is your summer body looking?? Are you beach body beautiful? Are you contemplating starting a fitness regime but not quite committed to the idea yet, whether it be due to financial reasons, or perhaps you feel slightly unsure possibly even a bit scared. I can honestly say the majority of my clients on their first session admit to feeling really nervous and apprehensive, its obviously my buldging muscles and big booming voice that does it đŸ˜‰ Seriously though its underastandable its like anything new its makes us feel unsure so when faced with the thought of a first session with a sadistic personal trainer that wants nothing more than to draw sweat blood and tears who wouldn’t be scared!!! However i can safely say i am not a trainer to be feared, nor should the majority of personal trainers, sure you may feel a little sore after the first few sessions, but thats because we ask you to do exercises that you perhaps havent done for a while or maybe never done before so your body may ache for the next day or two. However its a great feeling at the same time because you feel a great sense of achievement and so you should, you are well on your way to a new you. Anyway for all the uncertainty and doubts I think my July offer has the answer…
For the whole month of July when you book a course of ten sessions or more you can bring a friend and i shall train you both at the same time!! Which means the fear factor is shared and hopefully halved, but most importantly so is the cost! So think about it no more, who knows how much real summer sunshine we British have left get your ‘butts into gear’ of the summer clothing kind (of course, what else could i mean) and be proud that you are finally making a start on getting a new and improved you!! Offer is valid for new clients only, all you lovely existing clients of mine know the great offer i already have in place for you.
Enjoy your week folks and i hope to speak with you very soon, making fitness more affordable and fun for July 2011-Angela

Whats in your PIE?

20 Jun

I am currently offering five Pt sessions for the price of four to all new clients and shall be doing so until the end of June. Due to this i have been having a fair few conversations with prospective clients some of whom have taken on this deal and are now new clients, some of yet still to do so….tick tock tick tock less than two weeks to go.

Whilst chatting with a new client of mine earlier today i remembered an example i was given when i first qualified as an instructor oh so many moons ago i’d like to share with anyone who is interested…will take 5mins..

1. Draw a circle, (fairly big) as we are about to divide it up into sections.
2. Each section will represent the amount of money you spend on certain aspects or items within your life.
3. Lets just focus on the last 12mnths.
4. So how much money do you spend on morgages or rental payments within a year….draw a section and label it.
5.How much do you spend on your car (including actual cost and also fuel insurance mot etc) or means of transport (again within 12mnths) section it and label it.
6. Food bills (this doesn’t include going out socialising) just basic daily food and drink…section and label it.
7. Holidays how much of your annual income goes on holidays…section and label.
8.Clothing, shoes, accessories. Yeah you guessed it, section n label!
9.Socialising with family and friends, cinema, eating out, football matches, bars, etc etc. (be honest then section and label)
10.Now how much do you spend on your health?? Gyms, Personal training, fitness classes, medical check ups?
……I’m guessing for the majority this last section isn’t so big in comparison to all the others, yet without good health or feeling good about yourself all the other things are pretty worthless…so why do we ignore it and put everything else first??

Now i’m not saying good health costs money, you could argue with the right knowledge and equipment its free and to these people out there doing yoga in the morning or running the streets, or taking their children out on long walks and bike rides, i say good for you…but these people are few and far between. Most people are planning on starting some exercise, or possibly even paying a gym membership (and not even using it), meaning to go to the drs to get that check up when they have TIME..the time is now folks take a long hard look at your PIE and make the health section grow, put some effort in and you shall feel the benefit in all the other areas of your life.

Yours in good Pie

Angela xxx

Red rosy redness!!!

25 May

Whilst out on a run recently a friend of mine asked me if it was true that, where you go red whilst exercising is where you will lose most weight?! Well going red is just the way the body cools itself down, when you exercise instead of overheating you will sweat also the body increases the blood circulation to the skins surface to radiate the heat away from the body thus equaling for some (myself included) a very rosy red face!. I have always suffered with this and it can be fairly embarrassing especially as most people equate it to being unfit….doubly awkward if you are the one instructing the class take it from me!!! Rest assured as long as you are rosy red or even beetroot red and sweaty there is no cause for concern, be proud that you have had a great workout and that your body mechanisms are all in working order!!
However if you go red and get also get a feeling of nausea, dizziness or faint this is a warning sign that the body is overheating. Its imperative that you stay hydrated as redness without sweating can also be a sign of dehydration. Redness in someone that is new to exercise could also be a sign of high blood pressure, this is why its so important to get checked over by a GP before commencing a new exercise program.

Going back to the original question i see this to be untrue, I’m guessing where this rumour has stemmed from is that of weight loss due to dehydration. Boxers, wrestlers and body builders use this method to get their weight down before a fight or competition you may see them training hard in the gym in foil suits or extra thick tracksuits. By sweating excessively and drinking very little the scale weight will drop, due to lack of water. This is a very risky process and one i would definitely not recommend.


4 May

Breakfast, one meal that is so important yet one meal that so many people skip for one reason or another the most popular reasons being ” i don’t have time” or ” i just cant stomach anything so early”.
So why is it so important, well think about it like this if you go to sleep for 8hrs you probably last ate something 1-2hrs prior to that. By the time you wake up its been 9-10hrs since you last gave your body any fuel, so its important to re-fuel in order to your body to function. However some people wont eat until ‘lunch time’ so add another 4-5 hrs depending on the time you begin your day and eventually decide to eat something, this is no joke 14+hrs since you last ate something definitely puts your body in a catabolic state (muscle wasting) and will have definitely triggered the starvation mode and slowed down the metabolism, so even if you don’t go out and eat complete rubbish the body will be craving rubbish making it more likely that instead of eating healthily you will reach for more sugary snack type foods throughout your day and by the time ‘dinner time’ arrives you will almost definitely over eat and consume way too many calories within that one meal. Your body will do its job and supply cells with the required nutrients and energy as it does each time you eat, it will then store excess energy as glycogen within the muscles and liver but it can only hold so much and the rest shall be stored as body fat.
So if you are wondering why you aren’t losing the weight you want to lose or why you aren’t as lean as you’d like to be then next time you wake up BREAK the FAST!!! I guarantee you will not only have more energy and concentration, eat sensibly with good nutritionally balanced meals with healthy snacks (instead of naff ones that have no use in your body other than adding fat and rotting your teeth), and you may also start to notice that because you aren’t so super duper hungry the portions you eat during the evening meal are smaller, thus resulting in weight-loss!! Add some exercise and really accelerate those results. Breakfast should be healthy nutritious as should all the fuel aka food you provide you body with to ensure optimal health.

Keep on running…..but not as fast as a ten year old!!!

18 Apr

Not checked in for a few wks, but fear not i am still running. I had a slight technical fault with my phone (aka i dropped it whilst road running?! ooops forgot my arm strap that day, so stupidly put it in my pocket) which meant the week before last i was unable to record the data from the runs i did, so you will just have to take my word for it and possibly if you know her the older lady who’s dog was chasing me through Pype Hayes park!? Also Garry from Osmosis Health Studio can vouch for my long haul efforts on the treadmill every Saturday morning following my clients session’s. Anyway since then i reset my phone and updated it and all is back to normal….so whilst away visiting my sister last week i went out for a run which you can check out here

Now word of warning a lesson was learnt by myself don’t go running with a competitive ten year old!!! My sister very kindly offered the company of my nephew Scott to ensure i didn’t get lost, whilst running which is what happened last time i went out running on my own there. My sister lives in Hampshire near lots of fields and woodland with cute little lanes that all look very similar. So keenly Scott agreed, we chose a plan that wasn’t too long as he didn’t fancy joining me on one of my 60 minute efforts. I did explain that i would be going fairly slow with short sprints as this was the plan we’d chosen….i thought he was listening….i soon realised he wasn’t and was infact wanting a race?! So off he shot….i could bearly see him “remember..(i shouted) you need to show me the way, don’t sprint all the way as you may find you will be too tired to finish”. A little further into the run I came to a t-junction in the lanes Scott was no where in sight, i looked left and saw two other people running towards me, so i ran down to them to ask if they’d seen a boy in a blue t-shirt which they hadn’t. So i thought Scott must have ran to the right, so i went right for about a quarter of a mile to which i was met by a dead end with gates to some private land. So i turned back and went the opposite direction, i kept seeing little lanes to my left and thinking could he have gone down there, i kept running until i came to a main road, still no sign of Scott. I was worried but then realised he actually knew his way, unlike myself so i thought i really should turn back and just run back the way i came. Which i did hence why my 35min run actually became a 45min run. On my return to my sisters house, there he was my little red faced tour guide!!!