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Postnatal training testimonial

9 Apr

I started PT sessions with Angi in May 2012. It was six months after having my first baby and I still hadn’t lost any of the weight I had put on whilst I was pregnant. My ultimate goal was to lose this weight and some, as I was unhappy with my weight before I was pregnant.
I had always feared the idea of a personal trainer but having known Angi since working together in 2004, she convinced me it was not as scary as I thought it would be.
I now have one session a week with my sisters at home and have not looked back. I am really pleased with the results achieved so far having lost 20lb which is a drop of 4% body fat and a total of 14inches overall. I now weigh less than before I was pregnant but more importantly I feel more toned, my fitness has improved and I am eating healthier with some treats! I am not yet down to the weight that I would like to be at but with the continued support from Angi I am confident it will not be long and look forward to shopping for new clothes this summer.
The sessions are so enjoyable that even once I reach my target weight I will continue, to make sure I maintain and continue to tone.

February 2013

Client testimonials-‘Bridal Bootcampers’!

11 Oct

Louise and I were already existing clients with Ange , when she suggested that we try The Bridal Bootcamp. I am 52 and to be honest was very nervous about being able to keep up the regime and a little skeptical that anything would work.
I have tried numerous diets and exercise fads over the years but have never managed to find something I could do that would actually see a difference, occasionally a bit of weight would come off , but never where it needed to and countless times I gave up.
My son Chris got married in 2010 and for many reasons I tried to lose some weight. As a family we suffered from the loss of my father a week before the wedding and to be honest how I looked was not the most important thing to be concerned about, but when I look back at photographs I knew before Louise got married something had to be done.

The sessions with Ange went very quickly, and the best bit was actually seeing from the measurements she took that the fat was really shifting. Ange gave me the encouragement I needed which was sometimes frustrating for her as I needed a lot of convincing that it was going to work for me.

I cannot thank you enough Ange for your support on so many levels, your encouragement and the fact you never gave up on me, and for making it so easy in the end, every session was another step nearer a goal and I enjoyed the achieving. I was in a two sizes smaller dress for Louise’s wedding than for Chris’s.I felt amazing and family and friends said I looked amazing. Hard work but I would never have done it on my own.-Denise

I like most girls have attempted lots of fad diets and struggled to either loose weight or keep the weight off. I then decided that actually it wasn’t so much the weight I was bothered about it was more toning up! As my wedding day approached Anges bridal bootcamp was what I was relying on to get that toned figure in a snug wedding dress. The sessions were fun, different and made me sweat… I saw results within a few of weeks and its even better when people around you too notice. My arms looked firm and smaller and my tummy was flat… after suffering with a constant ‘bloated’ belly I was delighted with the results. I now understand the ‘buzz’ of exercising it makes me feel good, energized and most importantly it made me look at my wedding pictures with a smile… I was truly body confident! Thanks Ange your support was undoubtly a key part to helping me achieve my goal x -Louise

July 2010 vs June 2011

Client Testimonial No3

11 Aug

I have used personal trainers at various gyms over the last few years, however, i have never stuck with any them or rarely seen any direct improvement, from their involvement, to my exercise routine. That was until i booked with Angi!

From my first meeting with Angi, i knew that I would find her style and approach extremely appealing and one that I would be able to follow.

Her ability to put you at ease and explain, not only what to do, but why and how, is something I have never seen displayed by any other trainer.

Her expertise and knowledge is obvious from the first pinch to the last sit-up! Angi listened to what i wanted to achieve and has tailor made a programme to suit me! I feel energised and motivated and ready for my next session!

In the last few weeks I have already noticed an improvement in my overall fitness level and look forward to seeing more and more results.

Thank you Angi!

Mr P. Stridgen

Client Testimonial No2

22 Jul

Having had 2 children, I resided myself to what others had told me – that I would never shift my pregnancy bulge an that it was forever a part of me. This affected my confidence with family and friends especially when I was asked twice in the same day at work when my third child was due! I didn’t think it could get worse but it did – when my eldest daughter asked me if we were having another brother or sister. Something had to change and that’s when my mindset changed. I wasn’t going to punish myself anymore and I was going to start looking after myself.

My excuse had always been – I can’t go to the gym as I have to little ones to look after and I don’t have time. I met Angi and we discussed diet and exercise at times that would suit me and my family. My hubby even joins in. Angi comes to us and we use the garage as a make shift gym. We don’t need much equipment and what little we do use, Angi brings with her.

Now that i am a size 8 from a size 18, I can confidently now say that this is a lifestyle change – one which I couldn’t have done without Angi. I would definitely recommend her.

Dr Shradha Williams
Clinical Psychologist

Client Testimonial

20 Jul

I used to hate and be so afraid of the gym but not anymore. All thanks to Angi who made the training exciting and fun. She is so patient, motivational and her friendly approach helps greatly. Angi explains and demonstrates how to use those machines clearly, making sure I understand and don’t hurt myself while doing it. Having training with her for just over 6 months, I can definitely see the results. I’m fitter, leaner and more agile than I was before. She also “tailormade” a program especially for me as I’m targeting at specific areas, not wanting to be too bulky. So Angi is definitely your solution if you are looking for the ‘new’ you – She’s worth it!


SulaimiBrookman Couture