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So it begins….

22 Mar

Went out for a run in the sunshine today and felt pretty good, as previously mentioned i’ve entered a fun run thats 8.5miles so need to get stuck in.
I love all aspects of fitness however myself and running have never been the closest of friends, until recently. In the past I’ve taught spinning classes back to back for hours at a time, swam length after length, took part in grueling kickboxing sessions, i regularly and immensely enjoy intense gym sessions…..running was never up there with my must do activities.

However that said i’ve taken to it quite well, as promised i shall update you all on my progress so if you would like to see my stats from this mornings session you can do so

I enjoy using adidas mycoach as it helps me pace myself and informs me of my progress throughout the run. I listen to my tunes and off i go. I’ve set up the schedule for 10k, however will need to tweak this towards the end as the fun run is in fact 13.6k.

Of course i’m doing this all for a good cause if you wish to learn which one you can visit my justgiving page

So there you have it all the links you need to have an insight into my training at the mo. I’m also considering completing the run for life in May, and will obviously still be completing regular resistance and core stability training in conjunction with this.

Wish me luck 😉

Its been a long time…

16 Jan

Wow where did those months go, and here it is the new year already in full swing!

So what have i been upto for the past few months since posting on here…….well just work work work, i have had lots of ideas for both my fitness business and my creative path which i am trying to carve out for myself. More will be revealed at a later date.

Apparently i heard on the radio last week Monday 10th January was officially the day that 70% of the UK population either started or in most cases re-started their diets. The timeless new years resolutions to go on a diet in a bid to lose weight, be healthier, and get more exercise. I believe diets especially of the crash kind starve yourself silly versions are bad ideas, yes you may see results in the first wk or so with some, but most of the time this is just water loss, and as we all know too well such mad-fad diets cannot be maintained by most so once they are stopped guess what’s back-all the weight you lost! The more scary things are magic pills or potions that people take to try to shed a few pounds….its unrealistic not to mention in most cases dangerous to put your body through such things, weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight isnt easy, if it was there would be no over-weight people.

For me as much as it annoys the hell out of my partner i see food as fuel, my body is a machine that needs good quality fuel and water to make it work well. If you put bad stuff into your body expect bad results, it wont work too well or look as good as it could and most of all you wont feel too good.

So if you were thinking of a diet or indeed you are on one, ask yourself this can you keep such eating habits up for a long time, is it making you feel good, yes you may feel good momentarily when you step on the scales to reveal a few pounds lost, but are you in a good mood do you have lots of energy? If not why not just try seeing food as fuel for a while nothing more, eat good stuff that your body needs in order to work efficiently- healthy nutritious food. Throw some exercise in there for good measure and stick to it and i guarantee you will be on track to be the best version of yourself possible.

P.s try to stay off the scales…..instead either measure yourself with a tape measure or try on a tight fitting dress, shirt or pair of jeans. Shape change is key.


11 Jun

Welcome to Angela’s Fitness thanks for stopping by!

As this is my first blog i thought it would be rude not to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my background. From a young age i have had a keen interest in fitness, from the age of fourteen i have practised the martial art of Chinese kickboxing. Although i didn’t train to compete, i did throughly enjoy the grueling training sessions it involved; semi/full contact sparring, knife defense and knife attack, and of course learning new techniques to pass each grading, to which i obtained 8th grade purple belt. I continued with this sport until i became pregnant with my first child, five years ago. Since then I just practice the techniques as part of my own exercise regime along with bringing certain elements into my clients training sessions.

I have worked within the fitness industry for the past ten years at gyms in and around the city of Birmingham West Midlands, first as a gym instructor writing program cards and teaching aerobic classes. As the years went by i built on my qualifications, i gained experience and knowledge, i passed courses to enable me to teach a variety of classes; circuit training, spinning, step-aerobics, Swiss ball training and aqua aerobics. Whilst pregnant with my first child i did the Advanced Personal Trainer Award Level 3 with the YMCAfit, since then i have worked for myself as a personal trainer.I continue to study and read alot to ensure i stay up to date with the latest training techniques and trends within the health and fitness industry. Later on this year i hope to complete a few more additional courses to broaden my knowledge further in specialist fields to ensure maximum benefits for both myself and my clients.

I visit my clients in their homes and also have clients that i train at Osmosis Health Studio near St Pauls Square in Birmingham. Taking all my experience and knowledge into consideration I am able to deliver varied and effective programs tailored to my clients individual needs. I offer excellent competitive rates feel free to contact me on if you would like more information.

Feel free to comment or drop me a hello below, and look out for my next update.

So as a grey rabbit once said ‘that’s all folks”