2 May
AF NEWSLETTER                                                                      February 2012
So fear not folks January is over, we have all survived the endless stream of unexpected bills that that month seems to deliver. Perhaps you endulged in something else, possibly in well known and well loved, thee big January sale. Whatever the first month of 2012 meant for you I do hope it was a good thing, and if you outlined some goals I do hope you are on track with them.

With goals and sales still in mind, I have left it til now to announce my
Fantastic February Fitness sale.

From now til the end of February I am offering fitness for less, the more you book the more you save.
  • 10 sessions would normally cost £400, now only £340.
  • 15 sessions should cost £600 will now cost just £495.
  • 20 sessions is normally £800 til the end of February you will pay only £640.
With Valentines day just around the corner, why not treat someone with a healthier option than chocolates! For more information about my experience

So there you have it, put it off no longer get a new you and improved for 2012. Invest in yourself and the rest shall follow. Let’s get you looking and feeling great, and remember all my clients have the benefit of being able to access thee best Nutrition and meal planning site within the fitness industry.Nutrition Complete. For more information

All my new clients get a free unconditional one month trial of this online program, it wipes the floor with any other meal planning, point counting, watching of weight or a world that is slim type of program that some of you may have tried in the past. It’s real food that all the family can enjoy, and it’s personal to anyone’s taste. It can be used to lose weight, maintain weight, increase muscle or just as a really useful tool for good tasting nutritious meal and recipe ideas.

So what are you waiting for, make February the month you take real action, the month you get a new you and improved! To see what some of my clients have to say about myself and the training sessions

Yours for good health


Happy New Year….make sure of it!

10 Jan

Well its ten days into the new year and I’m pleased to say that so far the majority of my clients have got off to a great start, right back into training and with either little or no weight gain. Yes everyones first session back has been tough but once its done and they’ve moaned at me just a little they are all more positive than ever to smash new health and fitness goals.

If you haven’t already set yourself some goals for the new year, not just in your head or in a conversation with a colleague, friend or family member you should write them down and put them where they can be seen. This way they shall work as positive reinforcements to keep you focused and motivated. The power of the mind is a fantastic thing, and those of you that know me personally, will know what a big believer in positive thinking I am. I’d suggest to anyone that is interested to perhaps read up on this subject or subscribe to feeds that provide you with positive thoughts or ways of managing life and things in general in a positive way….i did just that again recently i’ll add a link at the bottom of this page.

Make goals this year not conversational ‘resolutions’ that are forgotten as quickly as we put away our festive decorations. Goals are best achieved, by being set to be met within a realistic time frame. When writing up your list of goals keep this in mind, so let one thing lead onto the other, if you want to lose 30lbs don’t give yourself until the end of January to do this. If you want to have a successful business and go on a once in a lifetime holiday, the business needs time to succeed before the holiday can be paid for. When making these goals by linking them together with mini goals, will only make the large ultimate goal more achievable and in turn give a path to follow to ensure this goal is met.

It is not enough to say you want to get a bit fitter, how will you plan to do this, how will you in turn measure if you have indeed got fitter and do you actually know how fit or unfit you are currently. In this instance id suggest putting a plan together with a goal to perhaps take part in a fun run in a few months time, or maybe you know you want to be able to run for a bus when needed to to and currently you cant….I’d suggest starting to increase the general activity you do by walking more socially, maybe ask a friend/relative if they to want to join you, perhaps you can then begin to pick up the pace for short intervals at a time during your walks, soon enough you the intervals of jogging shall become longer than the walks and you’ll be catching the bus up in no time!! The most important things about the goals is that you personally set them and do your upmost to stick to them………why not try to write your list of goals right now?

Excellent food for thought that was bought to me by Marc and Angel just after the Festive season…..”when all is said and done, will you have said more than you have done?”

Muscle Vs Fat

23 Oct

Contrary to popular belief muscle does not weigh more than fat, no two things of the same weight, can then be different in weight. 1lb is 1lb the old joke of what weighs more 1lb of feathers or 1lb of bricks should jog a few peoples memories. However 1lb of bricks would take up a lot less room than 1lb of feathers wouldnt it.
The truth is muscle is smoother and firmer, more dense than fat. Therefore takes up less space and appears smaller. Fat is bulky and uneven and take up more room. So the correct term to explain this would be muscle is heavier by volume than fat.
Two people can weigh the same but if the bodyfat percentage differs so will their appearance. This is why knowing the bodyfat percentage is so important and the scale weight alone is so misleading.

Client testimonials-‘Bridal Bootcampers’!

11 Oct

Louise and I were already existing clients with Ange , when she suggested that we try The Bridal Bootcamp. I am 52 and to be honest was very nervous about being able to keep up the regime and a little skeptical that anything would work.
I have tried numerous diets and exercise fads over the years but have never managed to find something I could do that would actually see a difference, occasionally a bit of weight would come off , but never where it needed to and countless times I gave up.
My son Chris got married in 2010 and for many reasons I tried to lose some weight. As a family we suffered from the loss of my father a week before the wedding and to be honest how I looked was not the most important thing to be concerned about, but when I look back at photographs I knew before Louise got married something had to be done.

The sessions with Ange went very quickly, and the best bit was actually seeing from the measurements she took that the fat was really shifting. Ange gave me the encouragement I needed which was sometimes frustrating for her as I needed a lot of convincing that it was going to work for me.

I cannot thank you enough Ange for your support on so many levels, your encouragement and the fact you never gave up on me, and for making it so easy in the end, every session was another step nearer a goal and I enjoyed the achieving. I was in a two sizes smaller dress for Louise’s wedding than for Chris’s.I felt amazing and family and friends said I looked amazing. Hard work but I would never have done it on my own.-Denise

I like most girls have attempted lots of fad diets and struggled to either loose weight or keep the weight off. I then decided that actually it wasn’t so much the weight I was bothered about it was more toning up! As my wedding day approached Anges bridal bootcamp was what I was relying on to get that toned figure in a snug wedding dress. The sessions were fun, different and made me sweat… I saw results within a few of weeks and its even better when people around you too notice. My arms looked firm and smaller and my tummy was flat… after suffering with a constant ‘bloated’ belly I was delighted with the results. I now understand the ‘buzz’ of exercising it makes me feel good, energized and most importantly it made me look at my wedding pictures with a smile… I was truly body confident! Thanks Ange your support was undoubtly a key part to helping me achieve my goal x -Louise

July 2010 vs June 2011

How are you doing?

5 Sep

Wow so the summer holidays are over and to be honest they went by fairly quickly! As you have probably noticed I’ve not been here much, and even though my clients continued to train with me, like so many other parents at home with children i felt guilty and didn’t have as many workouts myself. We do this to ourselves all the time (i think probably more so as women than men, but not in all cases). In general as a human race we put ourselves under pressure whether it be work related, family commitments or time out for ourselves the first two always seem to win the battle over the last one. Although I’m the first to agree that we should all make time for ourselves and in turn the other things will prosper, i know for a fact if i don’t workout i get grumpy with the children feel less motivated about work etc etc. Over the past six week holidays i have learnt to see things for what they are and be realistic ok so i haven’t had the 3+ workouts a week that I’m used to and for work i have just done the bare necessities but what i did do was ensure my children had a great summer break. We didn’t go abroad, we made the best of what we could, simple things like feeding the ducks, picnics in the park, cinema trips, visiting family/friends, cake baking, painting, dressing up we’ve done it all and the holidays have flown by, i even tried to sneak in a few ‘funny walks’ aka lunges whilst out walking with my children but was rumbled straight away “Mommy this is what you do when you go personal training” :).
My oldest daughter started her first day in year two this morning, my youngest is still yet to begin at the school nursery in a few weeks time so I’m still juggling, typing this with breaks to find upsy daisy’s missing shoe and peppa pigs boat…but I’m enjoying the juggling as i know its not going to be forever and in the mean time i can at least plan my next step career-wise and schedule my future workouts with a little less guilt knowing that i did a great job all summer just being me with a little more emphasis on being mom! So rid yourself of the guilt as I’m sure if you are honest and be realistic you are doing just fine!

Nutrition Complete

10 Aug

Right guys its here and ready to roll. I am proud to offer expert nutritional advice and full meal planning tailored to your individual needs/requirements. This has taken over the Australian fitness industry  and is set to do the same for the UK. Very few trainers and fitness establishments are able to offer you this yet here in the UK, hence why i am so excited by this program. Please do check out the video below and if you like what you see get in touch, i am happy to offer the first ten people a free 2wk trial of this service…so hesitate no longer, get rid of ridiculous diets and point counting regimes, get great nutritionally balanced meal recipes for anytime of the day and any dietary requirement. This program is unique as you are, it can also track your calories, nutrient intake fats,carbs, proteins etc and give you the chance to have full control over your daily, weekly and monthly activity versus calorie intake.

This really is like nothing else you have seen on the market yet, and with a free two week trial via Angelas fitness why not see for yourself. Get in touch,

get you and improved
Click To Watch Nutrition Complete Video.

Exciting News…

28 Jul

Right its been slightly longer than id like, but for me the children’s six week holidays began last Thursday and i’ve been lost in ‘Momland’ ever since!! So I’m just grabbing a spare five minutes before today’s activities commence with my children, to let you know of some exciting news. I have teamed up with a company called Nutrition Complete, to offer an extra amazing service to my clients, its taken the fitness industry by storm over in Australia and is set to do the same over here in the UK. It wipes the floor with anything even remotely similar we have here. Can you imagine being able to monitor your exact calories and nutrient intake on not just a daily basis but right down to any recipe you use. Via my website you will be able to log in and check/track your daily and weekly calorie intake, be given exact meal plans and recipes all nutritionally balanced and devised by qualified dieticians especially for the fitness industry. Its not a gimick company trying to get you to buy their food products, its just based on good quality food and recipes. Therefore it can/should be used by anyone who cares about what they eat, it can be used to lose weight, gain weight and maintain weight.This is a program like no other and to say I’m a little excited by this is an understatement! I shall be announcing the launch of this product via Angelasfitness very soon so do keep a look out, you will not want to miss this! Enjoy the sunshine 🙂